Airport operators are often responsible for aviation security. They also need to transfer passengers airside as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst at the same time maintaining security at the highest standards. This requires the most advanced X-ray security systems, which can interdict current and future threats. HXT can provide airport operators with small footprint, low-cost X-ray diffraction technology that has the capability to improve probability of detection and reduce the probability of false alarms for current and new systems. Our materials identification capability facilitates the rapid transit of the passenger through the checkpoint with an opportunity to meet new regulations that allow some items to remain in hand luggage. Our systems use commercial-off-the-shelf components that provide extended operational life and high uptimes.

HXT offers both OEM and direct to market solutions, which use international and open source threat image (DICOS*) and machine control (OPSL**) interfaces. This facilitates the rapid interconnection of equipment from other X-ray equipment and automated security lane vendors.

*DICOS - Digital Imaging and Communications in Security.
**OPSL - Open Platform Software Library (part of the US Dept. Homeland Security OTAP programme).