HALO X-ray Technologies was formed in April 2012 and is an innovation company developing new and disruptive materials identification systems for aviation security, medical systems and process control applications. The HXT patent portfolio, currently licensed from our academic partners, protects our core IP. Industry-standard lab- and time-bound X-ray analysis techniques are now possible as real-time solutions for multiple industries by implementing new X-ray optics to dramatically improve signal strength. This significantly translates underlying and well-established science into a solution that can solve industrial and commercial applications at speeds required for these markets. As an example, aviation security has historically used technology that typically only estimates if a material is a threat. This leads to false alarms, long delays through checkpoints and frustrated passengers.


      HXT technology has capability to definitively identify material and for the first time at speeds that will enhance rather than slow checkpoint systems and at a cost point that is well-aligned with our target markets. HXT platform technology can provide medical systems for point-of-care solutions to address an ageing population and process control systems providing definitive and rapid materials analysis to improve efficiency for in-line industrial manufacturing.

      HXT IP provides platform capability across numerous sectors, realising disruptive and compelling solutions and offering significant business opportunity in all areas of application.

      The current focus is on aviation and border security and there are a number of opportunities specifically for this sector, such as:

      • Drugs and currency detection for postal systems.
      • Personal electronic devices screening (PEDS).
      • Checkpoint screening system for explosives detection.
      HXT products application areas.png

      HXT technology provides solutions across many diverse market sectors, including our core markets of aviation security, medical systems and industrial process control. HXT patents detail capability that brings real-time XRD solutions to applications that have a requirement for definitive materials identification. Further details of these core markets is provided below. 

      Aviation security

      X-rays have been used for many years in the aviation security market, providing both a means to visualise the inside of baggage and to estimate the type of material an object is made of. With the recent trend for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) for terrorist attacks, current X-ray technologies have reached a technological limit and cannot reliably identify such devices or the materials used to construct them with sufficient accuracy. New capability is required to detect these new threats. Other suppliers to the market are developing new products to address these requirements but none have yet provided similar/required detection capability, at comparable speed and cost at which HXT systems will operate. HXT technology is highly relevant to the detection of IEDs and we see a significant opportunity in this area. 

      Medical systems

      HXT technology provides new opportunities in the medical sector where current X- ray systems have reached physical limits of capability and alternative techniques such as traditional XRD are unattractive due to high X-ray dose. New approaches will be possible using HXT technology however this sector remains challenging, with significant barriers to entry. 

      Industrial process control

      HXT systems provide enhanced real-time capability in industrial process control where traditional XRD is already being used in areas such as cement production. These existing systems are typically lab-based and require significant manual processing of raw material prior to XRD evaluation. This off-line analysis provides useful quantitative and qualitative information however the latency of data capture from the current XRD process prohibits manufacturing efficiencies. HXT XRD technology brings real-time and on-line analysis solutions to process control that will realise significant efficiencies.