Passenger number are predicted to significantly rise in the next decade. This increasing pressure on airport services will lead to further delays as passengers transition through the interconnected systems and processes to board flights.

Enhancing security - Terrorism continues to be a difficult and pressing issue to all security services and government regulators. There are also a broad range of threat vectors and both hard and soft targets to protect. HXT consider our threat resolution technology will underpin a drive to significantly enhance security capability, both at the checkpoint and for other targets, such as vital national infrastructure. Our systems will facilitate detection of a broad range of threat materials and vectors and is implicitly future proof through a database that can be expanded as new materials are used.

Improving passenger facilitation - HXT's principal ethos is facilitation of the passenger through the airport. This works for the passenger and for all support services from initial security checks through to boarding the aircraft. HXT technology helps automate the checkpoint process by resolving alarms generated by existing screening systems. This means more items stay in the bag (less divesting) and the bags pass through the checkpoint more quickly (faster and less stressful) and without secondary manual verification. Our new technology is radically different to existing systems and will lead to further improvements in passenger screening as integration with current hardware is achieved.

Increasing throughput - Increasing detection capability whilst maintaining false alarms at manageable levels will be of fundamental importance at the checkpoint. HXT threat resolution technology will help reduce the number of items to be divested, leading to more bags and passengers passing through existing security systems and infrastructure. 

Reducing costs - HXT systems use commercial-off-the-shelf components throughout our systems, reducing manufacturing and end-user costs, ensuring enhanced operational life and at costs commensurate with typical checkpoint screening systems.

HXT systems offer new opportunities to the aviation security environment and will be potentially deployed in greater locations throughout the airport. The checkpoint will be improved as our initial technology and systems roll out and new HXT technology will facilitate additional security checks at the departure gate.