HXT works with national and international regulators to understand and recognise current and future challenges. We continue to submit work programmes to address new targets and threat vectors and seek to bring step-change functionality in a practical and cost-effective platform to the checkpoint. 

X-ray remains the standard for non-destructive analysis of passenger luggage. X-ray transmission systems have been used for many decades in aviation security to effectively check baggage, both for checkpoint and hold. However, X-ray transmission provides only broad materials categorisation and therefore retains an inherent false alarm factor that is subsequently resolved using orthogonal but time consuming processes. HXT systems utilise real-time X-ray diffraction as an orthogonal technology that complements X-ray transmission and can be used as both a detection mechanism and false alarm resolution process.

Our systems will facilitate new processes and procedures for the advanced screening of passenger luggage. Regulators can now seriously consider X-ray diffraction and HXT technology as a new threat resolution approach to extend the life of current installed systems and provide new capability for the checkpoint.